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When you leave the care of your bunker gear in the hands of Old Firefighter Gear for cleaning, repair or inspection it is treated within the guidelines of NFPA 1851. The National Fire Protection Agency outlines the way in which bunker gear should be repaired, inspected and cleaned.

NFPA also dictates the ability and limitations of Independent Service Providers offering these services. As this document is taken very seriously in our industry, we ensure that bunker gear is returned to the firefighter as good as new. Old Firefighter Gear gives bunker gear garments a new lease on life. .

Old Firefighter Gear is an NFPA certified facility with staff members that are fully trained to check for:

• Bunker gear liners
• Bunker gear outer shell for damage and performance
• Excessive wear of bunker gear
• Thermal and moisture integrity

We understand that bunker gear is designed to protect firefighters, and for this reason all bunker gear should be clean and in good standing.

It can be a hassle to have bunker gear out of action while being cleaned, repaired and inspected. However this hassle might be much worse if bunker gear has deteriorated over time and has not been rectified. Old Firefighter Gear also offers rental gear to make it easier to have your own Personal Protection Ensemble refurbished

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